I could feel it in the west wind
Something was about to happen
In the morning she’d be leaving for good
It wasn’t romance, wasn’t passion
Was something real and it was different
But all the things it was it wasn’t enough

Eleanor, I never knew you
Although I tried to
I should have let you go
The day you left me here to cry

I know I should’ve seen the warnings
That in your head these thoughts were forming
If I had just taken a moment to stop
I really should’ve seen it coming
When you wouldn’t say you loved me
After I had said once and again and again and again

But Eleanor, I know I hurt you
I didn’t want to
I cannot let you go
Though I’m the one who made you cry

Eleanor I’m changing, I promise
So please just be patient

Oh, Eleanor
You taught me a lesson, you made me better
I finally let you go and I will never make her cry
Eleanor, can you forgive me? I know it’s been years
If you could see me now would you be proud?

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