Why do you always believe me
When I say I’m fine and feel nothing?
Why do you try to hide you do the same?
Baby, last night we were drunk
And you said to me, “I need you”
But I just walked away

‘Cause I don’t quite know what to do
With this elephant in the room

Why do you always say sweet things to me
After you’ve been drinking?
But when you’re sober go so very cold
I’m tired of never addressing
The things we might be feeling
As the tension starts to grow

‘Cause I don’t quite know what to say
Since the elephant is here to stay

Well, round and round we go / Just talking in circles
But I can’t take no more / You’ve lost me for good

‘Cause I just can’t stay here with you
And this elephant in the room

No, there’s only room for two
Just the elephant and you
Said there’s only place for two
When the elephant is the room

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