This World

When you’ve lost all hope, what will you hold?
When you’ve lost all words, what will you say?
When the world’s on fire / And everything’s crumbling down
How will you know what to save? / And what you should just let fall

What does this world have to offer?
What does the future even show?
How am I supposed to know
Who’s really out there trying to make a change?
And who’s just sitting around mourning
The loss of the things we used to know?

When the trees are gone, what will we climb?
When the air is broken and beating
And stripped to the edge, how will we breathe?
If everyone’s waiting around for someone else
To stand up first and do the right thing
How will we learn where we stand
When it comes to actually standing?

And what does this world have to offer?
Is there even a future left that has anything to show?
Is there anybody out there / Who’s really trying to make a change?
Or are we all just sitting around mourning
The loss of the things that we thought we used to know?

You know I’m never sure / Exactly what to do
No, I’m never quite certain / If what I thought was right was also true
But I’ll keep moving forward somehow / Even though my feet are tired
And I’ll drag my body along with my bones
‘Cause maybe then my heart and mind will follow / And I’ll begin to see

I’ll see what this world has to offer
And I’ll find what the future has to show
And I’ll be the one who’s out there / And I’ll really make a change
And I won’t just sit around trying and weeping
About the things that I thought I should’ve known

©2018 SquidgeCat Studios,
All Rights Reserved